BSQ GATEWAY (2MB) photo from ken 220 x 148New sail for Gateway feature – March 2016

The BID was delighted to be able to fund a replacement for the large sail for the Gateway feature (next to Primark). The original had been in situ for around 18 years and was beginning to look a little shabby! The graphics for the new sail were designed by Ken McLaughlin at BSSIX Creative and applied by Signboard Services Ltd; it was made and installed by Architen.

Ken McLaughlin says: “The Gateway Feature is a very prominent landmark in Bristol Shopping Quarter, so I was really pleased when my design was chosen to appear on the new sail. As it’s probably the first landmark visitors see when entering the area, the design needed to be striking, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

I wanted the design to symbolise Bristol Shopping Quarter as the heart of our city. The three distinctive waves, flowing down from the tip of the sail and cradling the Bristol Shopping Quarter logo, represent the River Avon flowing into the heart of Bristol and surrounding Bristol Shopping Quarter. The three colours reflect the individual shopping areas that make up Bristol Shopping Quarter: Broadmead, The Galleries, and Cabot Circus.”

Image credit: @kenBSsix

What our retailers say

“As manager of an independent retailer on the edge of the BID area, I really appreciate the work the BID team does to help promote all its businesses, especially events like the annual Easter trail that encourage shoppers to explore the whole area.”

Andy Hills, Antics