The team behind the BID

The BID is delivered by the experienced Broadmead management team, which has been instrumental in delivering the transformation of Bristol’s city centre retail area.

John Hirst

John Hirst
Chief Executive, Destination Bristol

One of the architects for the transformation of Bristol City Centre. John has been a pioneer in designing innovative and effective BIDs. He became Chief Executive of Destination Bristol in 2012 and is focused on a large number tourism initiatives for Bristol. A key part of his role is improving the overall management of the city centre and improving the quality of the visitor experience.

Mark Walker

Mark Walker, Specsavers

Mark Walker is the Chair of the Broadmead BID management group.  Mark's many years as a retailer and his previous involvement with the BID means that he is very well placed to provide valuable input and guidance on the direction of the BID. Mark is keen to hear from retailers regarding the BID, so please feel free to contact him at

Jo Hawkins

Broadmead BID manager

Jo has been a strong, consistent leader for the first three BIDs. She has a reputation for running creative promotional campaigns. Jo has been effective in shaping and managing cleansing and maintenance contracts, and brings a commitment to quality and detail to the delivery of the BID, ensuring maximum impact is achieved from the available resources.


Sophie McLaughlin
Project Support, Broadmead BID Team

Additional support for all aspects of delivering the BID is provided by Sophie. She is dedicated to helping manage the intensive work programmes funded by the Broadmead BIDs.

Viv Kennedy

Marketing Assistant, Broadmead BID team

Viv provides marketing support to the BID team and has particular responsibility for the Bristol Shopping Quarter website and social media accounts, engaging with retailers and helping them to promote offers and events.