Vinyls brighten up Broadmead BID area

Large colourful vinyls have been installed on the front of several vacant shops in Bristol Shopping Quarter. The BID team, which manages the marketing for the area, is delighted to have created these vinyls which have really brightened up two units on The Horsefair and Merchant St in Bristol Shopping Quarter.

The Broadmead BID focuses on marketing Broadmead and The Galleries and the retailers have made it clear that part of the remit should be to ensure that Broadmead is presented in the best possible light.

Caroline Tiernan-Locke, marketing manager of Consol on The Horsefair said “The colourful window graphics the BID team has used on the empty shop fronts has made a big difference to the look and feel of the shops in Broadmead – they look great”.

Improvements to other areas have also recently taken place.  In 2008, the first Broadmead BID secured new street furniture for the Broadmead area including bespoke wooden benches.  While these have stood the test of time very well, a recent maintenance programme has restored the wood to its original condition.

The BID team is also currently undertaking a trial to cover the sides of the stainless steel bins, also purchased with BID funds, with BID-branded vinyls.  Some of the bin legs are now showing signs of wear and tear and this solution will hopefully ensure that they look good for a long time to come.

Jo Hawkins, Broadmead BID manager said “It’s good to be in a position where we can improve the appearance of Broadmead in this way.  Our retailers understand the importance of maintaining Bristol Shopping Quarter to the highest possible standard and BID funds ensure that we can do this”