Saving retailers money


The Broadmead BID team is working in partnership with BCR Associates to try to neutralise levy fees and combat the increasing costs and administrative burden of essential services which all businesses face, including:

–       Gas
–       Electricity
–       Infrastructure
–       Telecoms
–       HR
–       Green services
–       Insurance
–       Finance
–       Rateable values
–       Vehicles

BCR Associates’ team of experts are able to review essential spend, source new contracts and manage business utility contracts on an ongoing basis at no cost and with no obligation to businesses. Providing a wide portfolio of services with no requirement too complex or large, BCR Associates relieve administration, deal with all tendering, negotiation and paperwork and ensure a renewal date is never missed. 

“There really is no catch. All you have to do is provide BCR Associates with a copy of your last bill and sign a letter of authority agreeing for them to talk directly to your current supplier. There is no cost to you at any point.  

BCR Associates will present you will a full proposal once they’ve found the best solution to your business needs – and if you decide you don’t want to change supplier, you’re under no obligation.”
Jo Hawkins, Broadmead BID Manager

To find out more please download the BCR leaflet.

What our retailers say

“As a Broadmead anchor retailer, M&S is very supportive of the BID process and its impact. The BID is driven by retailers for retailers, and has greatly improved the look and feel of the shopping area.”

Rob Bailey, Marks & Spencer