Enhanced cleansing

Broadmead retailers told us that cleansing standards must be set high and kept high. The BID has given us the resources to achieve this consistently.

Basic standards are simply not good enough; the BID has raised the bar to a level that would be the pride of any retail area in the UK. Our rapid response teams ensure that the highest standards are achieved throughout the BID area – without BID funding significantly lower levels would be achieved.

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BID funds allow us to safeguard our investment in the street scene, including paving, seating, lighting, street furniture and signage. When repairs are needed, they can be carried out promptly, keeping the BID area looking in pristine condition at all times.

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BID 4 – Clean & Welcoming projects



Hanging basketsBID funded hanging baskets - June 2019

Forty-five hanging baskets were installed on shopfronts around the BID area during the first week of June. They will be maintained, courtesy of the BID, until the beginning of October. They will brighten up Bristol Shopping Quarter for all who work, shop and socialise here.

Broadmead BID concrete ballsBroadmead's iconic balls repainted - May 2019

The concrete balls located on Broadmead West (near Marks and Spencer and The Arcade) need sprucing up annually. In May, they were repainted, going with a rainbow theme as a subtle signal that Bristol Shopping Quarter is inclusive as well as vibrant.  This created conversations and great photos were shared on social media.

The Gateway FeatureGateway Feature cleaned - April 2019

The BID has paid for a local specialist cleaning company to give the Gateway Feature structure (next to Primark) a thorough clean. This is part of the BID team's work to deliver an enhanced level of cleansing and maintenance.