Project Servator

Project Servator is a tactic which sees highly-visible yet unpredictable police deployments designed to deter, disrupt and detect criminal activity – from shoplifting and pickpocketing to more serious crime including terrorism. The deployments also aim to provide a reassuring presence for the public

What will happen?

If a Project Servator deployment is happening where you are, there’s nothing to worry about. They are normal police operations.

The deployments are made up of a range of resources, including uniformed and plain clothed police officers specially-trained to identify individuals with criminal intent, police dog units and horses. Deployments are always backed up by a network of CCTV.

Officers will talk to the public and local businesses to let them know what they are doing and remind them to be vigilant and report any suspicious or unusual behaviour to police.

You may also see officers handing out leaflets explaining what Project Servator is, or posters on display.

Avon & Somerset Constabulary’s teams also work with partners, such as local businesses, security staff and CCTV operators to carry out deployments. Together they’ve got it covered.

What do they need you to do?

They want to create a network of vigilance against criminal activity and are relying on the public to support Project Servator.

You have an important role to play in helping to make the tactic a success by reporting anything that doesn’t feel right, for example an unattended item or someone acting suspiciously.

You can report anything suspicious to the officers involved in the deployments or others on patrol.

Alternatively you can call 101 with non-urgent reports or if a crime is in progress, or there is a current threat to a person or property, always call 999 immediately.

You can report anything anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.