I Love Bristol because…

Two local radio stations, Sam FM and The Breeze, have been finding out why people love Bristol and their reasons will be used over Valentine’s weekend to create a huge piece of artwork, live in Broadmead

A giant work of art being created live in Broadmead on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th February, Valentine’s weekend, will reflect people’s reasons for loving Bristol.

Publicised by a radio campaign that began on Sam FM and The Breeze in late January, teams from the two stations have been in Broadmead asking people why they love the city. People have also been able to leave their reasons, in the form of 12-word messages, on both stations’ websites. A professional artist will be in Broadmead over Valentine’s weekend to create the artwork, an iconic image of Bristol formed from the messages.

The finished artwork is now located on the top floor of The Galleries, just inside the Castle Park entrance (close to TK Maxx and Riot Gifts).

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