BID supporters

Many retailers and other key people in Bristol have supported the Broadmead BID from the beginning.  Their testimonials speak for themselves:

John Savage

John Savage Bristol Chamber of Commerce

“I believe that the Broadmead BID is an exemplar of how a BID strategy can bring together a local business community to transform the fortunes of a location. It’s essential that the Broadmead BID is renewed.”

Stephanie Lacey 220 x 148

Stephanie Lacey, Cabot Circus

"Presenting Bristol city centre as a cohesive, integrated, retail experience is essential to the success of all city centre retailers.  I congratulate all retailers for the achievements they have made through the two very successful BIDs to date.  Voting YES a third time will safeguard the unified and enhanced shopping experience and allow us to continue with a collaborated marketing approach for Bristol Shopping Quarter."

Colin Lang

Colin Lang The Galleries

“If there wasn’t the BID money that we’ve had in recent years to spend on the marketing, cleansing and maintenance, there would be a real danger that the city centre wouldn’t remain as an integrated area. Broadmead would be left behind.”

Mark Walker

Mark Walker Specsavers

“The BID is essential in being able to market and drive footfall into the city centre. The BID ensures that retailers in established parts of Broadmead can keep up with Cabot Circus.”

Mark Brown

Mark Brown Barber Brown

“I think that the BID is worth to retailers more than ten times what we actually pay. Broadmead has to fight to get its voice heard. The BID resources make this possible.”

Andy Hills

Andy Hills Antics Models

“Broadmead is much cleaner than it used to be. For me achieving this cleanliness is the number one priority for the BID.”

John Hirst

John Hirst Destination Bristol

“The shopping area has improved dramatically, as has the performance of the stores during the duration of the BID.  We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and we want to work with the retailers again to achieve even more.”