BID blog – June 2013

The BID team is celebrating the completion of the draft Broadmead Bristol BID Prospectus, following months of intensive planning and collaboration with many of our retailers.

“…So now it’s over to you. Please do take a look at this document to make sure that it meets your needs and highlight any areas where you feel we could do more – or do things differently.”

We will listen carefully to your feedback and finalise the document at the beginning of July in time for detailed discussions with retailers in the run up to the BID renewal vote in September.

Later this summer, we will also hold an exhibition for retailers, giving you a further opportunity to let us have your response to the vision and delivery plan that we have shaped.

Our draft Prospectus includes a summary of the feedback that we have received from retailers and then focuses on the major BID initiatives that we are planning for the next five years. Key proposals include:

• Investing in marketing the whole city centre retail offering as a unified destination under the Bristol Shopping Quarter banner.

• Ensuring that the streets of Broadmead match Cabot Circus in terms of presentation, by making enhanced cleaning a continuing priority for our BID.

• Continuing to hold attractive events that appeal to a family audience, enlivening the streets with fun and entertainment.

• Dressing the interiors or applying colour graphics to the windows of vacant stories, improving their appearance.

• Putting new impetus into Social Media, employing a specialist to further develop our digital marketing plans.

• Working with the police and our retailers to continue to drive down crime, building on our recent success.

• Measuring the success of our marketing campaigns by developing key performance indicators.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed ideas and helped shape our BID and to all of you who have given us strong messages of support. We are very fortunate in having some highly creative retailers, who share our passion for maximising the potential of Bristol Shopping Quarter.