BID Blog – July 2013

Our Welcome Hosts have taken to the streets dressed smartly in eye-catching BID-branded uniforms. They will play a vital role, extending the reach of the BID team, acting as our eyes and ears.

This is a trial that we will evaluate carefully, to assess the investment in Welcome Hosts for busy times during the annual shopping calendar. Please let us have any feedback on the impact of this initiative.

As our campaign to renew the Broadmead BID gets into full gear, we have been delighted by the depth and warmth of the support that we are receiving. Very importantly this has included a wide range of local and national retailers and property owners, but also the elected Mayor of Bristol, George Ferguson and the Bristol Chamber of Commerce.

Our local newspaper, the Bristol Post is in a strong position to review the achievements of our BIDs – and it is hugely rewarding to have received such a strong endorsement from the editor and his team.

Over the years, this newspaper been a passionate supporter of Bristol’s city centre. At a time when the heart of the city was threatened by out of town retail, the Post ran a campaign to keep vibrancy at the heart of the city.

The paper has backed both our Broadmead BIDs and our initiatives to transform the central shopping area, matching standards of presentation in Broadmead with those of the ground-breaking £600m Cabot Circus development.

The Bristol Post’s support goes beyond kind words to producing an eye-catching 24-page publication covering the highlights of our BIDs over the past eight years. This will be sent with our Prospectus to all retailers in the BID area.

Our draft Prospectus has been very well received. So many individuals and organisations have given us their feedback and ideas. Many of the comments have come from supporters of our BID, who have suggested ways in which we can best present our achievements – so thank you all for your contributions.  The final Prospectus will be posted to all BID businesses by the end of July 2013.

We are very proud of the outcomes of the BID, which have been impressive. All BID targets have been achieved. £10m has been leveraged in voluntary contributions. Retail sales during the BID period have outperformed comparable locations by more than five per cent. Since the start of the BID 150 new stores have opened in the BID area and retail crime has been reduced by a remarkable 50 per cent.

Collaboration and partnership have been at the heart of all that we have achieved. The BID provides the vital funds that allow the presentation of Broadmead to be transformed, providing resources for cleansing and marketing.

It is also the vital catalyst that makes possible the vision of a single shopping destination at the heart of Bristol, with Broadmead, The Galleries and Cabot Circus all working together to form one of the biggest and best retail and entertainment destinations in the UK.

Please back the Broadmead BID and give us the resources we need to continue this vital work.

Jo Hawkins
Broadmead BID Manager