BID Blog – April

It’s been a fascinating start to the year, holding meetings with our Broadmead retailers, listening to their ideas and recommendations as we shape our strategy for a renewed BID.

There’s been feedback from almost 100 retailers – many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to complete questionnaires or attended focus groups. We are grateful to you for your contributions and will make sure that we take your priorities and ideas on board.

Through all these discussions, our retailers have highlighted the importance of presenting the central shopping area  as a single, unified shopping quarter – with Broadmead and the Galleries integrated fully with Cabot Circus.  We will continue to promote ‘Bristol Shopping Quarter’ in all our future campaigns going forward.

Reflecting our retailers’ aspirations, the entire motivation for our BIDs has been to ensure that retailers from Broadmead and The Galleries can benefit fully from the city centre retail transformation that was achieved with the opening of Cabot Circus.

Our first two BIDs have enabled Broadmead to massively up our game. The first BID brought the environment of the existing retail area to a standard that was comparable with Cabot Circus. This involved installing new paving, lighting and street furniture.

The second BID provides us with the resources we urgently need to undertake targeted marketing activities. BID funding has allowed us to animate Broadmead with street entertainment and to drive home to visitors through advertising how much it has to offer and how much it has changed.

The current BID also allows us to safeguard and consolidate the substantial investment that has been made to enhance Broadmead through intensive cleansing and maintenance support.

It is very encouraging that the focus for our current BID on marketing, cleansing and maintenance is being strongly endorsed through our retailer dialogue.

To keep you fully up-to-speed with our evolving plans for the renewed BID, you can follow us on Twitter at @BroadmeadBID.

We have also launched a new website, which will provide a full background on our BID strategy and the BID renewal process.

With best wishes,


Jo Hawkins

City Centre Retail Manager, Destination Bristol