City Centre Vision

The success of our strategy to integrate the BID area with Cabot Circus is reflected in the launch of a single brand for the entire city centre retail offering. Bristol Shopping Quarter creates one identity that presents shoppers with an outstanding seamless experience.

This strategy is supported by an engaging new website covering the entire city centre retail area. This includes a comprehensive guide to all shops – presenting one of the biggest and best selections outside London.

The following strategic priorities focus our future plans:

• Improve the physical environment of Bristol Shopping Quarter

• Provide a consistently high quality shoppers’ experience

• Launch, market and promote Bristol Shopping Quarter as an umbrella brand for the area

• Constantly challenge outdated perceptions of shopping in Bristol City Centre

• Create and deliver a focused and first class city centre shopping and marketing and PR campaign

• Improve linkages and working relationships with all adjacent and emerging neighbourhoods

• Campaign for public transport and infrastructure improvement

• Introduce measures to track, monitor and evaluate progress

What our retailers say

“As a Broadmead anchor retailer, M&S is very supportive of the BID process and its impact. The BID is driven by retailers for retailers, and has greatly improved the look and feel of the shopping area.”

Rob Bailey, Marks & Spencer