BID supporters

Many retailers and other key people in Bristol have supported the Broadmead BID from the beginning.  Their testimonials speak for themselves:

John Savage

John Savage, Co-Chair, Destination Bristol

"The Broadmead BID is a product of the remarkable partnership that has transformed Bristol city centre. Whatever challenges businesses face in the years ahead, I am sure the BID team will bring passion and energy to finding collaborative solutions. I urge you to vote YES for this BID."

Colin Lang

Colin Lang The Galleries

"The Broadmead BID allows us to market Broadmead, The Galleries, The Arcade, and Cabot Circus as a single unified destination under the Bristol Shopping Quarter banner. Without this, I am sure fewer shoppers would venture into all areas, missing out on our great variety of shops."

Mark Walker

Mark Walker Specsavers

“The Broadmead Business Improvement District (BID) is so fully integrated into our working lives, helping to maintain our competitive edge, that we can forget it is something we could all lose.

"As the current BID comes to an end in October 2018, now is the time to consider what life would be like without the Broadmead BID.

"Picture our streets if there was no BID funding to clean them to a standard where they seamlessly blend with the neighbouring Cabot Circus and The Galleries. Consider not being able to maintain and replace our street furniture. Imagine if there was no money for Christmas lights, marketing or events. Visualise not having a Broadmead management team to call on for all the countless issues that arise in our working lives. Whatever challenges Broadmead faces, having this vital resource behind us makes a difference.

"Through the BID, the Broadmead retailers have achieved so much together - so I am delighted that businesses have voted YES for another five year BID."

Mark Brown

Mark Brown Barber Brown

“From initially seeing it as just an extra bill to pay, over the years I have come to experience that the BID's worth to independent retailers is more than ten times the amount we actually pay.”

Andy Hills

Andy Hills Antics Models

"As the manager of a business on the outer reaches of the BID area, I have been grateful for the support of the Broadmead BID team. I particularly appreciate the work they do to keep the area clean and tidy. If I report an issue it is always dealt with promptly."

John Hirst

John Hirst Destination Bristol

“The shopping area has improved dramatically, as has the performance of the stores during the duration of the BID.  We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved and we want to work with the retailers again to achieve even more.”